Forget Me Dot

Your life will surprise you!

Forget Me Dot is a photo-app with two unique characteristics:
1st: You only have a small viewfinder (Dot) which is big enough to find a photo motive, but too small for perfect control. So you have to trust your intuition.
2nd: You won’t be able to view your photos immediately. The app "forgets" them and only reveals them up to 100 days later to reward you with surprising memories from your life.

 + conscious
Take photos more consciously, trust your intuition and collect truly memorable moments.

+ rewarding
Your photos will be forgotten and only be visible as vague memories. Days, weeks or even months later, when they appear in full size, you’ll be rewarded with personal surprises.

+ individual
Forget Me Dot does not present to you how great life is for others. It shows you how beautiful and surprising your own life is.